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The Sheet Music Archives Cantus Durus in Mariestad have about 1000 meters of shelves with sheets of music, scores, song-books, magazines etc.

To maintain and keep control of the collections we keep a database that today (aug 2011) contains over 300.000 posts. But this is only about half of what we have so we continously add more and more information into this database. This following listing is just an example of what the database contains so that you can get an idea of what is available...

Type of article Number of posts
Sheets for choir 29 937
Sheets for accordion 15 612
Sheets for popular music (hit songs) 53 263
Sheets for folk music 27 297
Sheets for guitar (and bass, mandolin etc.) 6 706
Sheets for violin (and other stringed instruments) 14 360
Song-books 6 700
Sheets for opera 2 471
Sheets for operettas 2 380
Sheets for classical music (scores) 34 224
Sheets for marches 3 109
Sheets for song (vocals) 44 546
Sheets for piano 55 121
Sheets for brass instruments 7 757
Sheets for organ 4 030
Arrangements for orchestras 41 405
Song- and music-books for children 32 294
Sheets for sacred music 12 555
Christmas music 1 102
Scores 1 479
Different music related books 5 969
Total: About 400 000 (aug 2014)


E-mail us about music sheets

If you are searching for anything particular in sheets of music or music-books, or have some other question, you can fill out our e-mail form. That way we get your inquiry by e-mail and we'll answer as soon as possible.

We can't at the moment (29/10-2014) accept gifts of sheet music or music-books due to lack of space.



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