May 9 2018
We can't accept gifts of sheet music or books due to lack of space.

(This applies until further notice.)


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The Sheet Music Archive Cantus Durus in Mariestad (in Swedish Mariestads Musikarkiv Cantus Durus) is a non profit association with the purpose of collecting and preserving all sorts of sheets of music, litterature about music and other music trivia to make it available to the general public. Here you can borrow, research and in some cases buy material for your choir, orchestra or just for yourself.

We have about 1000 meters of shelves with sheet music for piano, guitar, accordion and violin (for example), scores from all the famous classical composers, scores and sheet music for choir, childrens music, sacred music and other. The collections also include different magazines, books and lyrics.

Where to visit us. Look at the maps here.